Ok, so what has happened so far? What have we been doing since the end of March?

We spent a week in the Lowveld doing a recce trip, it was great to see all the things one has not really stopped to see in the past, we visited every little “touristy” thing and place, believe me, it was no holiday, it was really work, there is far more to the Lowveld than you think…….. We only did a relatively small area, this is a GOLDMINE!

So, we got No 5, yes, bike No 5, we have numbered them so we all know which one is talking about.

We got the bus, an IVIOCO 20 seater, individual Air conditioning and lighting as well as a useful overhead rack, arm rests, just really comfortable. I have now done some short trips to get used to it, and it’s going great! Brings back old memories of bus driving in the SAAF, 24 years ago. 😊
We got our Ground Crew truck now as well, I just know its going to work quite a bit.

I have written more exams, yip, only 7 left to go to National Guide… ☹

You should see the “artist impression” of the branding for the bus, truck, Fortuner and bikes etc, it’s going to look amazing, we can’t wait to get it done and do a photo shoot, so wait a week or two, and we will show you…

I’m off now to do some more, chat later…