Johannesburg 1 Day Tour

Why visit Gauteng?

Because it seems like most travellers put it as a first on their list. Furthermore, it offers such a great variety of historical and heritage sites. Due to easy access from the airport people stay in the surrounding accommodation





Why is Gauteng a tourist attraction?

Tourists from all over the world visit Gauteng all year long. First discovery of gold, Apartheids Museum, Mandela house in Soweto, Ferreira mine stope, cultural villages, first diamond discovery, Lords houses and much more

Most noteworthy, the discovery of the first Homo Habilis. Above all, the very best Constitutional court in the world

Seems like SAB World of beer is consequently also a tourist favourite



How to experience Gauteng

Certainly to make rather use of our services to travel in luxury. Above all, we travel by bus or for those who love motorbikes, can do so.. we hire out bikes for the adventurer



Who to choose?

Probably, almost every tourist’s question.

Undeniably, without doubt, absolutely Badger Tours!!