Well, well, well, what did the Badgers do in March?

March has been probably the most important month so far for Badger Tours, why? It was the first and only month so far. 😊 lol,

Who are we, “apart from the new kid on the block”?

Badger tours was born out of a love for Touring, Camping, Overlanding, and Motorcycling. I honestly hated Corporate life, and wished every minute to be out on the road, fortunately I was able to use a motorbike every day, both as a commuter and for business visits, so there was some relief. Both Elrita & I, Graham, now the Badger and the Bedgerette, have spent many, many Kilometers in the saddle, I am in the process of selling, hopefully by the time you read this it will be sold, my faithful  2009 BMW 1200 GS, it only has 123 000 Km on the clock, the second bike I have racked up that number, the first being a 650 V Strom. I started riding as a youngster on my dad’s farm in Franschhoek at the age of 9, and have never stopped.

In about October 2016, we were touring up the Cape East Coast (the Garden Route) when this thought (a Tour Company,,,,, “live your dream”……) came to mind, and just continued to grow. During 2017 I did extensive research, we did our Tour Operators course and Tour Guide’s course, and probably spent every evening discussing our ”DREAM”, sorry friends and kids, you had to live through it. Well, with the greatest appreciation to the Company I worked for, I was able to “retire” and get Badger Tours off the ground. Yes, it is nerve wracking at times, yes, I sometimes wonder if I was mad, but WOW, are we enjoying this trip, albeit slow at the moment, however, the good Lord is with us and will guide us as we need.

I have opted for relatively new Kawasaki KLR 650’s, they are bullet proof, not too fast, easy to maintain, quite available, all the exact same bike and spares, and actually a lovely ride, in fact really a lovely ride.

So what have we done so far?

  • We bought our Bus, a luxury IVECO 20 seater,
  • We bought 4 bikes, yes, all KLR 650’s, two more to go,
  • I wrote the most important Tour Guide exams,,,,,,, and passed!!! Only a few provinces left now for National Guide. This is actually legally mandatory,
  • Did my oral exam,,,,,, and passed,
  • Instagram, Facebook, Web pages, E-mails,,,,,,,,,
  • Oh, I also did my PrPD license for the bus. (professional drivers)
  • Badger Tours was registered on eNatis (our National vehicle Registering Authority, or something) , now that was fun, yip, almost a whole day with our lazy and delinquent municipality, I was ecstatic…… every visit to the counter is suddenly another form that needs to be completed, oh, and copies, but “sorry, our copier is out of order, please use the company across the road”……. etc
  • BEST OF ALL, We also did a short tour to Cullinan to see the mines, the old village, have a brunch and a beer. The bikes went like a dream, all 4 of them, even through the rain. The brunch was great, and the beer cold. It was fun being able to practice interpretations on sites, especially when my “guests” had no choice but to listen,,,,,……. I am their father! 😊

As they say in the classics, “a great day was had by all”.

I have a few million things to get done this month, so, please, excuse me so I can get them done and book some tours, have a great month and we will chat in May

The Badger and Badgerette,