You need to experience it on a historical day tour!

Another epic experience! This tour was done with young and adventurous tourists who chose to do a historical day tour, travelling through Joburg, Soweto and SAB World of Beer.



In the comfort of an Exclusively marked Badger Tours bus, equipped with an on-board toilet and a service station, that saw to their needs.


Old  historical buildings tell their own story

Also so many historical buildings and the history of these buildings was shared.

While they were amazed at how they are still standing and was therefore in awe of how they are being undertaken with restorations done to them.

Because they could experience the sight-seeing in Joburg, it was surely an eye opener and they listened with intent on how Joburg evolved and especially with the history when gold was firstly discovered in 1886.

As a result of the discovering of gold in Joburg, it caused an influx of Europeans to our country.
Especially relevant in sharing the history of our beautiful country, was such a privilege.

Hence our tourists were blown away by the history about  the very first mine stope, “Ferreira’s Mine stope”, that was discovered and preserved till today. Standard Bank is the oldest bank in Joburg city.

Hence Ferreira’s Mine was started by Ignatius Philip Ferreira. A farmer, soldier, speculator and pioneer. After the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) he settled as a farmer near Louis Trichardt where he died a comparatively poor man.

Most of all, it  is made open to the public to observe and experience going down with a elevator, three levels below ground to learn more about it. The very first Standard Bank was operated in a giant tent.



Taste and see how it’s made.. a historical experience

A cultural experience, tasted African cuisine and seen how beer is made and tasting homemade beer as it was originally made by tribes.

First of all, the lengthy process of how beer is made, tickled their interests even more when they were taken on a whole tour, from a historical perspective of how beer was made in the older traditional way and then enjoyed the outcome at the end.


Enjoying a drink of beer and tasting original homemade brewed beer



Learn and see for yourself

Especially relevant was the historical day tour through Soweto and learning about the history of Soweto and how it was started and named.





However due to the history of Soweto, they had notice the change and the appearance, as if the people of Soweto, had pride of having their “own” town. Also to the best interest of Soweto, are the Football Stadiums that hosted many well known Hollywood film stars, pop artists, our very own Madiba, as he was called as well as his ex late wife Winnie Mandela.

Seems like it had their interest at heart for the people of Soweto. How they have adapted their lifestyle with the years to come. To have running water and electricity in their homes…one would think it is a necessity!

Visit Vilakazi street.. a historical street… a must!

Most of all, was the African cuisine, a historical day tour was ended off at a place very well known to so many tourists and that was a definite newness to most of them.



This is a image of Sakhumzi’s Restaurant in Soweto where you can enjoy a Soweto Beer

Finally, they can relate and share their experiences to many other people out there  and with loved ones back at home.

Most noteworthy, was to share that Madiba’s house and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu’s house is in Vilakazi street.

Especially relevant, a historical moment, is that they both were awarded Nobel Peace Prize winners!

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