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Replica of the exact size of the biggest ever diamond found at Cullinan before it was broken down into 9 pieces


Replica of the Cullinan biggest diamond ever found and broken down into 9 smaller pieces


Tempted to do Cullinan tour, these Danish ladies enjoyed the surface day tour at Cullinan Diamond open mine. They were intrigued by the information shared to them by a tour guide of the mines. How diamonds are formed. The history around the biggest diamond ever found at Cullinan mines  which now forms part of the British Crown Jewels. Amaze by the enormous machines that is used on the open mine, was mind blowing. Some very interesting information about the diamond cutter who had to resize the original biggest diamond ever found at Cullinan mines… he fainted..

How  to best describe the surface day tour as it went on..

  Giant Skips collecting ore every 30 seconds




These ladies were so overwhelmed at the size of the machines used at his open mine. You can just imagine yourself as you look and compare these figures measuring them to the machines in the back ground. Fascinating how a human mind could think of such finer detail and to put it together in practice. Think of the days back when it started with just a shovel, a spade and a wheelbarrow….


Open mine surface day tour…imagine


Hard to imagine that the biggest Diamond found at Cullinan mines were only found 9 metres below the surface. Imagine a scrawny man, with a pick, a shovel and wheelbarrow, digging…and to his surprise found the diamond, thinking at first that it was just another rock, 3106 carats on 26 January 1905. The mine captain used it as a paper weight on his table…

What to expect when done with the surface day tour…interesting

You have a chance to indulge in buying a diamond or any other gemstones at the mine. Remember…diamonds are a girls best friend!

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