From the very first day I met my badger, it has been a journey never to be forgotten.
We are both loving the outdoors and started our first camping expeditions in Mozambique. Going back year after year, new things started to feature and every time it just got better and better. We had a trip once to meet up with friends in Swodwana on our Suzuki V-Strom 650, and was very surprised at how well the trip went. My badger had been riding motorbike for many years, as young as 9. Glad to know… the experience was in his pocket!

Eventually, two years ago, our minds were flooded with the idea of starting up a very unique and yet adventurous bike and bus touring company. We were touring in our beautiful country, Western Cape, and saw the opportunity. Today, we are making this dream become a reality, by the help of Our Heavenly Father.